Are you trying to make a change or dealing with an inevitable turning point in life? I am a therapist based in both Oakland and San Francisco helping people work through stress, depression, relationship problems and life transitions. Most clients who come to me find themselves overwhelmed with worry, feeling lost, shut down or burnt out. I especially enjoy working with millennials, new mothers, new transplants building a life in the Bay Area, young professionals in demanding tech or biotech start-ups, college/grad school students, and individuals uncertain of what step to take next.

I can help you identify obstacles to being your best self.  This may include igniting your creativity, building motivation, learning how to better handle conflict, or improving your self-esteem.   I provide an open, inviting space to explore what's bothering you and help you find some answers.

Call 619-369-1564 or email me for a free consultation. 

Common Problem Areas I Treat:

  • stress

  • depression

  • relationship issues

  • career/academic uncertainty

  • conflict resolution

  • family problems

  • sexuality

  • body image

  • spirituality

  • marital issues

  • feeling imbalanced

  • grief


Chloe Demisch, LCSW #61844