Values were the most helpful thing we did. Asking myself, ‘what am i doing to build what I truly want for my life instead of just doing what looks good to others?’


A main component of therapy with me is identifying your values. With my guidance, I lead you through a series of exercises to help you identify what’s most important to you in this life.  Who you want to be. How you want to spend your time. How you desire to treat people and your relationships.

Clarifying your values helps you figure out what gets you out of bed in the morning and provides a compass so you find direction and feel less lost.  If you’ve been feeling stuck and not sure which way to go, a good place to start is figuring out those qualities you want to exude in your being and through your actions.  

Values don’t have an expiration date like goals do.  Goals are like milestones you can check off on your path toward values. But values are like “West”.  You can keep moving towards “West” your whole life but you’ll never reach “West”. And that’s a good thing!  

Say one of your top values is “compassion”. I imagine it’s unlikely there will ever be a point in time where you say, “I have completely, 100% reached my personal optimum level of compassion”.  Rather you can set a series of goals within your value of compassion, work towards them, and “check off the boxes” as you accomplish them. But your value of compassion remains on your horizon forever.  You are always striving towards it. As long as “compassion” remains in your “West”, it is always shaping your actions, how you spend your time, and how you treat others. Your value of compassion remains unmoving and if you are lost, you open up your compass, change direction, and head towards it.  

And that’s an example of how I provide counsel with just one of your values.  Imagine when we identify 2 more of your top values, say “creativity” and “self development”, for example.  Now we’ve made your direction even more clear and specific. In this case, I will then support you in exploring how you can best combine compassion, creativity, and self development through your actions and identity.

Our time here on earth is limited. Let’s get working to make every minute count!


Chloe Demisch, LCSW #61844