I have the power to make my life shaped more the way i want it.
I’m actually excited about this new chapter rather than feeling scared and like its something I’m being forced to do.
This is the most stable place I’ve been in my life since middle school.
I’ve learned to accept and expect that people will sometimes be upset with me but I don’t have to worry so much about it anymore; I have techniques for this.
Now i’m figuring out that I want things. I used to think i didn’t know what my values were; life makes a little more sense.
I’m taking my scary thoughts less seriously and caring less what people think about me.
I’m not waiting until I feel confident to do things . I’m just doing them anyways.
Having a plan/goals helped me actually do things with what I was learning in therapy. I realize I have agency.
I feels like I’ve become a more complex person over the last few months.
My life is in such a better place than it was. It’s almost unreal to me. The things you taught me about ACT honestly changed my life.

Chloe Demisch, LCSW #61844

*For confidentiality purposes identifying and specific details have been omitted.