Therapy was helpful to have a different perspective, notice thought patterns and habits, and go through thoughts. Processing why I think something. The more i hear myself talk the more I teach myself things.

Objective Third Party

I don’t have all the answers.  But I have made it through my 20s and am still alive and kicking.  There were some of the hardest years of my life during that time. Of course, some of my best memories were in there somewhere too.  But you’re not coming to therapy to talk to me about “how great everything is” and neither am I.

The stuff you can’t talk to your friends about.  Those scary thoughts you wouldn’t dare share with your coworker.  Mom probably doesn’t need to know your deepest, darkest secrets either.  So that’s why you’ve got me! Unhappiness, fear, worry, inadequacy, self doubt, loneliness, and stress are my middle name!  Well not really. It’s actually Lynne.

Don’t let the serene facade of my profile pictures fool you! I invite you to try me. I’ve been told by a few clients that it’s a relief how unphased I am by their “crazy sh**”.  I guess that’s what 12 years working with severely mentally ill folks in the Tenderloin will do for ya.

In psychotherapy with me, you get that objective, third party perspective. Neutral.  Confidential. Safe. Without judgment. And finally that empathy and validation you’ve been craving.  Understanding and support around all the things social media doesn’t talk about. The things you can’t really bring up in casual conversation. Worries that gnaw away at you when you’re alone. I bring you the platform you need to get some relief and freedom.


Chloe Demisch, LCSW #61844