Cost is probably the #1 reason why more people don’t pursue therapy.  I get it. Therapy can be expensive. The going rate in San Francisco for therapy is upwards of $160-$200 per session.  However, I am pleased to say that my rates are about 10-%15% less than many therapists in San Francisco because I work out of my home-office and consequently am able to keep my overhead low.   Many therapists even charge over $200+ per session! Now I wouldn’t want to imply that my rates are “cheap” by any means (a girl’s gotta make a living!) but because of my office location, I am able to offer more affordable therapy in San Francisco compared to many San Francisco therapists.  

Because my clients are typically in their 20s, many of whom have just graduated from college or are starting their first jobs as professionals, I know that keeping to a budget is very important and I try to work with that. Also the fact that my specialty is helping people through transitions, many clients are in-between jobs trying to figure out their next steps, so I understand that funds might be limited.  

One perspective I encourage potential clients to consider is that therapy is an investment.  It is arguably one of the most important investments you will ever make because it benefits you, the client, directly.   Many people I have worked with have literally told me that I have changed their lives. People who previously couldn’t get on an airplane and had stopped traveling entirely, held hostage by their anxiety, have returned to exploring the world through supportive therapy with me.  Clients who thought they would never be able to find a fulfilling career have pursued and captured their dream jobs after engaging in my career coaching. Folks who spent years dating and in unfulfilling relationships and thought that being single was their destiny, have been able to connect and find loving partnerships with my help.  

So yes, therapy can be costly. However, think about the money we spend on eating out, new clothes, trendy gadgets, designer accessories, fancy cocktails, etc. etc…..  With a little bit of re-prioritizing, spending our funds on our mental health, will almost assuredly yield much longer lasting benefits and fulfillment.

And the great thing about therapy is that it’s not like you’re going to “forget” what you learn, or the growth you make will become less important, or the insight you gain become less impactful.  One would be hard pressed to argue that therapy could ever be a “waste of money”. Working on yourself is intrinsically precious. A gift that keeps on giving. Through therapy with me you will experience epiphanies and surpass hurdles that will forever impact your life.

Chloe Demisch, LCSW #61844